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Hello All,

It is with much sorrow and regret that I must inform everyone that Mike Carfley has recently passed away. As you know, he had an ongoing battle with cancer - multiple myeloma - for the past 18 months. During those months, in the words of his doctor, "...Mike fought harder than anyone he had ever treated to beat the disease ..." - to win the battle . That is what we all remember about Mike - a fighter and a winner. In the end, Mike lost this battle; but in the end he won the war. He won because he has left us a legacy, one of leadership, one of compassion, one of friendship, and one of family. He was devoted to his family - Suzie, Ryan, and Lauren. We offer them our condolences and prayers in this time of grief.

Mike touched our lives in many different ways at one point or another. He was our boss, he was our peer, he was our mentor, he was our advocate, but most of all, he was our friend. He will be missed but he will be remembered.

If anyone would like to send condolences to the family, you can address your correspondence to Suzie Carfley, 135 Blue Road, Pinehurst NC 28374. If you would like to make a donation in Mike's name to the Myeloma Institute, please do so by sending it to the address below.

Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
4301 West Markham Street, Slot 816
Little Rock, AR 72205-9985

Please note the gift is in memory of Mike Carfley and that an acknowledgement card should be sent to Suzie Carfley at the address above.

Ron Hentz


Mike Carfley was one of the best managers I have had the pleasure of working with.  One of the highlights was working with Mike in developing the Eastern Region Leadership Forum. The accompanying photos serve as an example of the teamwork that Mike fostered on a continuous basis. Enlarged versions of these photos have been on the wall of my home office for many years and serve as a reminder of the camaraderie I personally experienced at AT&T Paradyne and the leadership of Mike Carfley.

 Cliff Randall


The four upper management people I respected most at Paradyne were John Mitchum, Roger Dorf, Dennis Barsema and Mike Carfley. My next youngest sister was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I will be sending in a contribution to the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy in Mike's name. I will never forget the sales meeting with the Eagles playing "Get Over It" in the background from the Hell Freezes Over Album. Mike was driving the sales force to adapt, get over it and come out fighting.

John Windham

Mike always seemed bigger than life. Hard to comprehend the loss.

Mary Beth Horton